Top Choice Museum in Matanzas

Museo Farmaceútico

Museo Farmaceútico, on the park's south side, is one of the city's showcase sights. Founded in 1882 by the Triolett family, the antique pharmacy was the first of its type in Latin America. The fine displays include …
Top Choice Workshop in Matanzas

Ediciones Vigía

To the southwest of Plaza de la Vigia is a unique book publisher, founded in 1985 that produces high-quality handmade paper and first-edition books on a variety of topics. The books are typed, stenciled and pasted i…
Top Choice Theater in Matanzas

Sala de Conciertos José White

Restoration of this 1876 building abutting Hotel Velazco began in 2003, and has now been completed with every inch, flourish and cornicing of its former glory; well worth a lingering look. Fitting for a building tha…
Fort in Matanzas

Castillo de San Severino

Northeast of Versalles lies this formidable crenellation built by the Spanish in 1735 as part of Cuba's defensive ring. Slaves were offloaded here in the 18th century and, later, Cuban patriots were imprisoned withi…
Church in Matanzas

Catedral de San Carlos Borromeo

Standing back from the disorganized melee of Calle 83 behind shady Plaza de la Iglesia, this once-great, perennially shut, neoclassical cathedral was constructed in 1693 and contains some of Cuba's most famous fresc…
Museum in Matanzas

Museo Histórico Provincial

Also known as Palacio del Junco (1840), this double-arched edifice on the Plaza de la Vigía showcases the full sweep of Matanzas' history from 1693 to the present. Cultural events are also held here.
Museum in Matanzas

Museo de la Ruta de los Esclavos

The scantly populated slavery-themed Museo de la Ruta de los Esclavos is set in the San Severino fort, which remained a prison until the 1970s.
Notable Building in Matanzas

Archivo Histórico

The city archives are housed in the former residence o. A bronze statue of Milanés stands on the nearby Plaza de la Iglesia in front of the cathedral.
Church in Matanzas

Iglesia de Monserrate

For a mappable view of mildewed Matanzas and the broccoli green Valle de Yumurí, climb 1.5km northeast of the center up Calle 306 to this renovated church dating from 1875. The lofty bastion perched high above the c…
Church in Matanzas

Iglesia de San Pedro Apóstol

In the heart of Versalles, this neoclassical church is another Matanzas jewel that has benefited from a full renovation.