Cuban convertibles (CUC$) and Cuban pesos (MN$; moneda nacional).

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CUC$70

  • Casas particulare: CUC$25–35
  • Meal in government-run restaurant: CUC$10–15
  • Museum entry: CUC$1–5

Midrange: CUC $70–140

  • Mid-range hotel: CUC$50–100
  • Meal in paladar (private restaurant): CUC$15–25
  • Víazul bus travel: Havana–Trinidad CUC$25

Top End: More than CUC$140

  • Resort or historic hotel: CUC$200-300
  • Car hire or taxi: CUC$60–70
  • Evening cabaret: CUC$35–60


Cuba’s socialist economy doesn’t have a history of bargaining, though there may be some room for maneuver on prices at private enterprise markets.