Matanzas Province shopping

Books in Matanzas

Ediciones Vigía

To the southwest of Plaza de la Vigía is a unique book publisher founded in 1985, that produces high-quality handmade paper and first-edition books on a variety of topics. The books are typed, stenciled and pasted i…
Alcohol in Varadero

Casa del Ron

The best selection of rum in Varadero as well as tasting opportunities in a venerable old building. It gives a through-the-ages look at Cuba's spirited relationship with the drink, including a scale model of Matanza…
Arts & Crafts in Varadero

Taller de Cerámica Artística

Next door to Galería de Arte Varadero and Casa de las Américas, you can buy fine artistic pottery that's made on the premises. Most items are in the CUC$200 to CUC$250 range.
Art in Varadero

Galería de Arte Varadero

Antique jewelry, museum-quality silver and glass, paintings and other heirlooms from Varadero's bygone bourgeois days are sold here. As most items are of patrimonial importance, everything is already conveniently ta…
Cigars in Varadero

Casa del Habano

Your quintessential cigar stop: it has top-quality goods from humidors to perfume and helpful service. It serves a wicked cup of coffee in the upstairs cafe. This shop is at the east end of Varadero town, closer to …
Cigars in Varadero

Casa del Habano

The place for cigars: it has top-quality merchandise from humidors to perfume, and helpful service. There's also a small bar-tasting room abutting a quiet slice of beach. This branch is in the center of Varadero tow…
Arts & Crafts in Boca de Guamá

Taller de Cerámica

Attractive ceramic bracelets are sold at the Taller de Cerámica, where you can see five kilns in operation.
Books in Varadero

Casa de las Américas

A retail outlet of the famous Havana cultural institution, this place sells CDs, books and art.
Market in Varadero

Gran Parque de la Artesanía

Open-air artisans market with private vendors selling mainly Cuba-themed crafts.
Shopping Center in Varadero

Plaza América

Built in 1997, but already looking dated, Cuba’s first bona fide shopping mall is one of Varadero’s less-inspired architectural creations, though it serves its purpose. Useful outlets include a pharmacy, bank, a mus…