Tourist Information in Playa Larga

National Park Office

The National Park Office covering Gran Parque Natural Montemar is at the north entrance to Playa Larga on the road from Boca de Guamá. The staff here is knowledgeable, helpful and multilingual (Spanish, English and …
Tourist Information in Península de Zapata

La Finquita

La Finquita, a snack bar and information center run by Cubanacán, is located just before the turn-off toward Playa Larga from the Autopista Nacional. It arranges trips into the Península de Zapata and books rooms at…
Travel Agency in Varadero


Reserves hotel rooms nationally; organizes bus transfers to Havana hotels and excursions to Península de Zapata and other destinations. Can act as general information point too.
Medical in Varadero

Clínica Internacional Servimed

Medical or dental consultations (CUC$25 to CUC$70) and hotel calls (CUC$50 to CUC$75). There's also a good pharmacy (open 24 hours) here with items in convertibles.
Medical in Cárdenas

Centro Médico Sub Acuática

Two kilometers northwest on the road to Varadero at Hospital Julio M Aristegui; has a Soviet recompression chamber dating from 1981.
Tourist Information in Varadero


Main office is next to Hotel Acuazul, but Infotur has a desk in most large resorts.
Internet in Varadero

Etecsa Telepunto

If you're not at an all-inclusive, you can buy your wi-fi cards and use internet terminals here.
Bank in Varadero

Banco de Ahorro Popular

Has ATM and is one block from bus station.
Bank in Varadero

Banco Financiero Internacional

In the Plaza América shopping center.
Bank in Playa Girón


Opposite Museo de Playa Girón.