Cuban in Manzanillo

Paladar Rancho Luna

A passable restaurant blaring reggaetón, it's nonetheless your best option for reasonably priced fare. A decorative, typically Manzanillan facade sets the tone. The food, though never legendary, is perfectly OK as l…
Parrilla in Manzanillo

Complejo Costa Azul

Down by the bay is this grillhouse and cabaret thrown into one. It's highly likely neither amenity will blow your mind but, nevertheless, the eating/entertainment are nigh on as good as it gets here. Pay in pesos.
Seafood in Manzanillo

Cayo Confite

Utter simplicity – sit on this shady deck facing the waterfront for whole fried fish served with plantain chips. It's on the edge of town at the far end of the Malecón (boardwalk).