Train in Las Tunas

Train Station

Agencies never recommend taking the train. If you must, see the jefe de turno for tickets. Trains to Havana (via Camagüey and Santa Clara) leave on odd-numbered days; the service to Santiago leaves on even-numbered …
Bus in Las Tunas

Bus Station

The main bus station is 1km southeast of the main square. Víazul buses have daily departures; tickets are sold by the jefe de turno (shift manager).
Taxi in Las Tunas

Cuba Taxi

State taxi agency that can make trips to Playa Herradura, La Llanita and Las Bocas.
Gas Station in Las Tunas

Servi-Cupet Gas Station

At the exit from Las Tunas toward Camagüey.
Bus in Las Tunas


Cuba's national bus carrier for tourists.
Gas Station in Las Tunas

Oro Negro Gas Station

A block west of the bus station.
Car Rental in Las Tunas


Car and scooter rentals.