Las Tunas Province restaurants

Top Choice Cuban in Las Tunas

La Negra

Among provincial Cuba's best eats, this private home with a leafy courtyard serves up stunning Cuban classics. Crisp plantain shavings, fragrant pork stir-fry (fajita de cerdo) and shrimp criollo, served with a crea…
Top Choice Italian in Las Tunas

Ristorante La Romana

Drop by this new Roman abode on the main boulevard where the olive oil's extra virgin, the pasta's homemade and the coffee's Lavazza. The food – including the starter bruschettas – is molta ottima, according to Las …
International in Las Tunas


Proof that things are changing in Cuba, this swanky cocktail bar/cafe/restaurant attempts to bring the taste of Miami to Las Tunas – of all places! The dimly lit, air-conditioned interior is dressed to impress with …
Italian in Puerto Padre

La Sicilia

It's hard to beat the ambience of this restored seafront mansion. The owner Lili spent time in Italy and offers hearty fare such as baked fish, spicy chicken and lasagna with white sauce or rich tomato ragu. The res…
Cuban in Puerto Padre

El Bodegón de Polo

Keen-to-please local restaurant serving delicacies such as crab, octopus and swordfish on a breezy upstairs terrace. The best deal in town and friendly to boot.
Italian in Las Tunas

Los Hermanos

Cheap and good, this is the locals' choice for Italian fare such as garlicky pesto. Skip the underwhelming dessert.
Caribbean in Las Tunas

Restaurante la Bodeguita

A Palmares state-run joint, meaning that it's a better bet than the usual peso parlors. You'll get checkered tablecloths, a limited wine list and what the Cuban government calls 'international cuisine' – read spaghe…
Seafood in Playas La Herradura, La Llanita & Las Bocas

Restaurante Roberto

A coral wall surrounds this small home courtyard with a couple of open-air tables and friendly service. The shady patio is pleasant but there's no sea view. Seafood is offered at all hours, there are also a couple o…
Cuban in Las Tunas

La Patrona

A largely local place with highly reasonable prices and equally reasonable food. The mains are primarily comida criollla (Creole food), but it also does eggs and pasta for cheap.
Ice Cream in Las Tunas

Cremería las Copas

Las Tunas' substitute Coppelia; queue with your pesos for sundaes or tres gracias (three scoops) in flavors such as coconut and café con leche (espresso with milk). It's insanely popular.