Top things to do

Caribbean in Nueva Gerona

El Cochinito

The ominously named ‘little pig’ offers desperados various pork concoctions in a fly-blown interior.
Italian in Nueva Gerona

Pizzería la Góndola

It's a long way from Italy, in both geography and the quality of the pies, but if you're really sick of pork....
Club in Nueva Gerona

Disco la Movida

For a little atmospheric booty shaking, join the throngs of locals dancing in an open-air locale hidden among the trees near the river.
Museum in Nueva Gerona

Museo Casa Natal Jesus Montané

A recently refurbished museum in a freshly painted green house that documents the life of revolutionary, Jesús Montané who was born here. Montané took part in the Moncada Barracks attack in 1953, fought alongside Fi…
Museum in Nueva Gerona

Museo Municipal

In the former Casa de Gobierno (1853), the Museo Municipal houses a small historical collection that begins with a huge wall-mounted map of La Isla and continues through themed salas relating to aboriginals, pirates…
Arts & Crafts in Nueva Gerona

Centro Experimental de Artes Aplicadas

Centro Experimental de Artes Aplicadas, near the Museo de Historia Natural, makes artistic ceramics.
Supermarket in Nueva Gerona

Cubalse Supermarket

Sells life-saving Pringles and biscuits.
Market in Nueva Gerona

Mercado Agropecuario

Try this large market for fresh vegetables and meat.
Gardens in South of Nueva Gerona

La Jungla de Jones

Situated 6km west of La Fe in the direction of Hotel Colony, this is a botanical garden containing more than 80 tree varieties. Bisected by shaded trails and punctuated by a cornucopia of cacti and mangoes, this exp…
Crocodile Farm in South of Nueva Gerona

Criadero Cocodrilo

This farm has played an important part in crocodile conservation in Cuba over the last few years and the results are interesting to see. Harboring more than 500 crocodiles of all shapes and sizes, the criadero (hatc…