Top things to do in Isla de la Juventud

Top Choice Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante Tu Isla

This rooftop restaurant above the casa particular of the same name serves good Cuban classics with an Italian twist. The decor is nautical and traditional live music gets going most nights.
Cave in The Southern Military Zone

Cueva de Punta del Este

The Cueva de Punta del Este, a national monument 59km southeast of Nueva Gerona, has been called the 'Sistine Chapel' of Caribbean Indian art. Long before the Spanish conquest (experts estimate around AD 800), India…
Beach in South of Nueva Gerona

Punta Francés

This beach is the location of the National Maritime Park, accessible by a 90-minute boat ride from the marina just south of Hotel Colony. The white-sand beach is ground zero for divers who head for the reefs just of…
Museum in Nueva Gerona

Museo Finca el Abra

On October 17, 1870, the teenage José Martí spent nine weeks of exile at this farm before his deportation to Spain. Legend has it that the revolutionary's mother forged the shackles he wore here into a ring, which M…
Crocodile Farm in South of Nueva Gerona

Criadero Cocodrilo

This farm has played an important part in crocodile conservation in Cuba over the last few years and the results are interesting to see. Harboring more than 500 crocodiles of all shapes and sizes, the criadero (hatc…
Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante El Abra

An open-air place on delightful Presa El Abra, 4km southwest of the center, this is where pineros go on weekends to partake in comida criolla (Creole food), spontaneous dancing and water sports. Pork (would you beli…
Beach in The Southern Military Zone

Playa Larga

Playa Larga is the star of La Isla's south-coast beaches, lying about 12km south of the village of Cayo Piedra. The long strip of white sand fronting a (usually) calm sea is clean, inviting and practically virgin. T…
Cuban in Nueva Gerona

Restaurante Toti

Lobster fresh off the grill for CUC$5 and a guitar duo serenading you as you dine? Sound too good to be true? It all happens at Toti, a deliciously modest private restaurant in the Chacón neighborhood up by the Pres…
Carnival in Nueva Gerona

Carnaval Pinero

This is the big one. Get over here for a knees-up that includes parades with giant puppet-like heads, rodeo, sports competitions and perhaps just a little drinking. Held over three days in mid-March.
Cultural Center in Nueva Gerona


Your best bet for a non-reggaeton night out is this nicely renovated colonial house with patio, bar and suave live music.