Villa Guamá

Cabin in Boca de Guamá

This place was built in 1963 on the east side of the Laguna del Tesoro, about 8km from Boca de Guamá by boat (cars can be left at the crocodile farm; CUC$1). The 50 thatched cabañas (cabins) with bath and TV are on piles over the shallow waters.

The six small islands bearing the units are connected by wooden footbridges to other islands with a bar, cafetería, overpriced restaurant and a swimming pool containing chlorinated lake water. Rowboats are available for rent, and the birdwatching at sunrise is reputedly fantastic. You'll need foreign-made insect repellent if you decide to stay. Breakfast and dinner are included in the room price; the 20-minute ferry transfer (adult/child CUC$12/6) isn't.