Top ChoiceInternational in Holguín

1910 Restaurante & Bar

Count this elegant wood-trimmed colonial among Cuba's best offerings. Guests tuck into thick steaks as if it were their last day on earth. There's also tender grilled octopus with garlic sauce, lovely chocolate...

Caribbean in Holguín

Salón 1720

A painstakingly restored wedding cake mansion with a full social atmosphere. Tuck into paella or chicken stuffed with vegetables and cheese; there are even complimentary crackers. In the same colonial-style...

Parrilla in Holguín

Ranchón Los Almendros

With excellent smoked meats with copious trimmings, tostones (fried plantain) and huge stuffed peppers filled with ropa vieja (shredded beef), this restaurant is worth the little bit extra it costs. Located near...

Cuban in Holguín

Restaurante Maragato

Worth getting off the beaten path for, this easygoing restaurant does comida criolla (Creole food) with style. It also has the best cocktail bar in town, thanks to the barman owner. Dine on grilled meats, tender...

Cuban in Holguín

Restaurante-Bar San José

A hub of locals slap-bang in the central square (Parque San José) with mismatched paint and uniformed servers. The menu is nothing fancy, but this is where you come for comida criolla (Creole food).

Ice Cream in Holguín

Cremería Guamá

Havana's famous ice-cream parlor. Lose an hour underneath the striped red-and-white awning overlooking pedestrianized Calle Manduley and enjoy peso treats alfresco.

Fast Food in Holguín

Cafetería Cristal

Typical of such cafes across Latin America: Cristal's reliable and affordable chicken meals are dished up by formal waiters whose elegance prepares you for cuisine far superior to what you end up getting. The...

Caribbean in Holguín

Taberna Pancho

This bar-restaurant inspired by the Mirador de Mayabe's famous beer-drinking donkey has echoes of a Spanish tavern, done up in dark wood. The menu includes actual chorizo (unusual in Cuba) and draft Mayabe beer...

Supermarket in Holguín

La Luz de Yara

Relatively well-stocked Cuban department store and supermarket with a bakery section on Parque Calixto García.

Fast Food in Holguín

La Candonga

Cheap food stalls next to the baseball stadium. Not for those with sensitive tummies.