Holguín attractions

Top Choice Museum in Holguín

Museo de Historia Provincial

Now a national monument, the building on the northern side of Parque Calixto García was constructed between 1860 and 1868 and was used as a Spanish army barracks during the independence wars. It was nicknamed La Per…
Top Choice Landmark in Holguín

La Loma de la Cruz

At the northern end of Maceo, a stairway built in 1950 ascends 465 steps to top a hill (275m) with panoramic views, a restaurant and a 24-hour bar. It's a 20-minute walk from the center or go via bici-taxi (CUC$1) t…
Top Choice Cathedral in Holguín

Catedral de San Isidoro

Dazzling white and characterized by its twin domed towers, the Catedral de San Isidoro, one of the town’s original constructions, dates from 1720. Added over the years, the towers are of 20th-century vintage. A hype…
Gallery in Holguín

Centro de Arte

In the southwestern corner of Parque Calixto García is this bright gallery, Holguín's best. It shares space with the Biblioteca Alex Urquiola.
Viewpoint in Holguín

Mirador de Mayabe

The Mirador de Mayabe is a motel-cum-restaurant high on a hill, 10km from Holguín city. There's great views of the lowlands spread out below. It gained fame for a beer-drinking donkey named Pancho, who hung out near…
Park in Holguín

Parque Céspedes

Holguín's youngest park is also its shadiest. Named for 'Father of the Motherland' Carlos Manuel de Céspedes – his statue stands center stage next to a monument honoring the heroes of the War of Independence – the c…
Factory in Holguín

Fábrica de Órganos

Visitors can tour the only mechanical music-organ factory in Cuba. This small factory produces about six organs a year, as well as guitars and other instruments. A good organ costs between US$10,000 and US$28,000. E…
Square in Holguín

Parque Peralta

This square is named for General Julio Grave de Peralta (1834–72), who led an uprising against Spain in Holguín in October 1868. His marble statue (1916) faces the imposing Catedral de San Isidoro. On the western si…
Square in Holguín

Plaza de la Marqueta

Laid out in 1848, rebuilt in 1918 and renovated only recently, this gleaming square is dominated by bronze busts and an impressive covered marketplace housing a cafe and artisan stalls. Running along the north and s…
Square in Holguín

Parque Calixto García

This wide, expansive square is more about atmosphere than architecture. It was laid out in 1719 as the original Plaza de Armas and served for many years as the town's meeting point and marketplace. The centerpiece t…