Holguín Province entertainment

Top Choice Theater in Holguín


There's at least one National Union of Cuban Writers and Artists per province in Cuba, but if you visit only one, make it here. Situated in the lovingly restored Casa de las Moyúas (1845) on car-free Calle Manduley,…
Top Choice Theater in Holguín

Teatro Comandante Eddy Suñol

Holguín's premier theater is an art deco treat from 1939 on Parque Calixto García. It hosts both the Teatro Lírico Rodrigo Prats and the Ballet Nacional de Cuba, and is renowned both nationally and internationally f…
Top Choice Live Music in Holguín

Casa de la Trova

Old guys in Panama hats croon under the rafters, musicians in guayaberas (Caribbean dress shirts) blast on trumpets, while ancient couples in their Sunday best map out a perfect danzón (traditional Cuban ballroom da…
Cultural Center in Gibara

Siglo XX

A fine cultural center in the main square that hosts live traditional music on a Saturday night and provides the taped stuff at other times. The courtyard is a good place to chill with an icy refresco on a hot after…
Live Music in Banes

Cafe Cantante

This gregarious, music-filled patio is the top spot in Banes, with honking municipal band rehearsals, discos, son septets and Zen-inducing jazz jams. It's colloquially known as the Casa de la Trova.
Cinema in Gibara

Cine Jiba

Cuba's improbable poor person's film festival hosts most of its cutting-edge movies (some in English) in this small but quirky cinema covered with distinctive art-house movie posters. If you're going to go to the ci…
Jazz in Holguín

Jazz Club

A recently renovated jazz joint, with jams starting at around 8pm and weaving their magic for a few hours; then there's piped music until 2am. There's a sporadically functioning daytime cafe downstairs.
Cultural Center in Banes

Casa de Cultura

This venue, housed in the former Casino Español (1926), has a regular Sunday trova (traditional poetic song) matinee at 3pm and Saturday peña del rap (rap music session) at 9pm.
Cultural in Holguín

Casa Iberoamericana

Situated on quieter Parque Céspedes, this paint-peeled place frequently hosts peñas (musical performances) and cultural activities.
Live Music in Gibara

El Colonial

Run by the Centro de Cultura, this walled, open-air space across from the park has live music shows on weekends, heard down the block.