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Top Choice Museum in Centro Habana

Museo de la Revolución

This emblematic museum resides in the former Presidential Palace, constructed between 1913 and 1920 and used by a string of Cuban presidents, culminating in Fulgencio Batista. The world-famous Tiffany's of New York …
Top Choice Waterfront in Centro Habana


The Malecón, Havana's evocative 7km-long sea drive, is one of the city's most soulful and quintessentially Cuban thoroughfares, and long a favored meeting place for assorted lovers, philosophers, poets, traveling mi…
Top Choice Museum in Centro Habana

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

Spread over two campuses, the Bellas Artes is arguably the finest art gallery in the Caribbean. The 'Arte Cubano' building contains the most comprehensive collection of Cuban art in the world, while the 'Arte Univer…
Top Choice Museum in Centro Habana

Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

The Bellas Artes' 'Colección de Arte Cubano' displays purely Cuban art. Works are displayed in chronological order starting on the 3rd floor and are surprisingly varied. Artists to look out for are Guillermo Collazo…
Top Choice Cuban in Centro Habana

San Cristóbal

San Cristóbal was knocking out fine food long before the leader of the free world dropped by in March 2016, although the publicity garnered from President Obama's visit probably helped. Crammed into one of Centro Ha…
Top Choice Books in Centro Habana

Memorias Librería

A shop full of beautiful old artifacts, the Memorias Librería opened in 2014 as Havana's first genuine antique bookstore. Delve into its gathered piles and you'll find wonderful rare collectibles, including old coin…
Top Choice Theater in Centro Habana

Gran Teatro de la Habana Alicia Alonso

Havana's fabulously renovated 'great' theater is open again and offering up the best in Cuban dance and music. Its specialty is ballet (it's the headquarters of the Cuban National Ballet), but it also stages musical…
Top Choice Cafe in Centro Habana

Café Arcangel

Excellent coffee, fine tortas (cakes), suave non-reggaeton music and Charlie Chaplin movies playing on a loop in a scarred Centro Habana apartment – what more could you want?
Landmark in Centro Habana

Capitolio Nacional

The incomparable Capitolio Nacional is Havana's most ambitious and grandiose building, constructed after the post-WWI sugar boom ('Dance of the Millions') gifted the Cuban government a seemingly bottomless bank vaul…
Historic Site in Centro Habana

Paseo de Martí

Construction of this stately European-style boulevard – the first street outside the old city walls – began in 1770, and the work was completed in the mid-1830s during the term of Captain General Miguel Tacón (1834–…