Havana shopping

Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Habana Vieja

Centro Cultural Antiguos Almacenes de Deposito San José

Havana's open-air handicraft market sits under the cover of an old shipping warehouse in Desamparados. Check your socialist ideals at the door. Herein lies a hive of free enterprise and (unusually for Cuba) haggling…
Top Choice Books in Centro Habana

Memorias Librería

A shop full of beautiful old artifacts, the Memorias Librería opened in 2014 as Havana's first genuine antique bookstore. Delve into its gathered piles and you'll find wonderful rare collectibles, including old coin…
Top Choice Clothing in Habana Vieja


Progressive, privately owned shops are still in their infancy in Havana, but this is one of the best, set up by a Cuban artist in the mid-2010s. Clothes (many of them recycled), bags and accessories are sold under t…
Top Choice Cigars in Playa & Marianao

La Casa del Habano Quinta

Arguably Havana's top cigar store – and there are many contenders. The primary reasons: it's well stocked, with well-informed staff, a comfy smoking lounge, a decent on-site restaurant and a welcome lack of tourist …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Habana Vieja

Palacio de la Artesanía

If only all shopping malls could be this attractive! Encased in a former 18th-century colonial palace and gathered around a shaded central patio, this place offers one-stop shopping for souvenirs, cigars, crafts, mu…
Homewares in Habana Vieja

Piscolabis Bazar & Café

Perfectly located just steps from Havana’s 18th-century cathedral, this eclectic shop is run by a group of Cuban artists of various disciplines and features a wide range of decorative and functional items for the ho…
Arts & Crafts in Playa & Marianao

Alma Shop

Whether you're searching for jewelry, embroidered cushions or a vintage cigar humidor, this is a great place to pick up a high-quality gift or souvenir. Owner Alex Oppmann has traveled across Cuba to carefully selec…
Books in Habana Vieja

Plaza de Armas Secondhand Book Market

This long-standing book market convenes under the leafy boughs in Plaza de Armas. It stocks old, new and rare books, including Hemingway, some weighty poetry and plenty of written pontifications from Fidel. There's …
Books in Habana Vieja

Librería Venecia

A nice little private secondhand bookshop in Obispo where you might uncover all number of mysteries. It's particularly good for its old Cuban posters, which steer clear of the clichéd Che Guevara poses.
Cigars in Habana Vieja

Casa del Habano – Hostal Conde de Villanueva

One of Havana's best cigar shops, with its own roller, smoking room and expert sales staff.