Los Nardos

Spanish in Centro Habana

Belonging to one of several Spanish aid societies in Havana (in this case the Asturianos), Nardos looks like another distressed Havana tenement from the outside but resembles a dark-wood, dark-lit gentlemen’s club within. The Cuban-Spanish food is famously cheap and plentiful and served by speedy, waistcoated staff members. Paella, chicken and pork dishes don’t break CUC$5. Even the lobster’s cheap!

This place was a godsend for Cubans during the Special Period, when private restaurants were practically nonexistent, and it has maintained its relevance, with a new generation of tourists now discovering it. There are actually three eating options in the building, all belonging to the Asturianos society; the folks at street level will point you in the right direction.