La Fontana

Top choice barbecue in Playa & Marianao

La Fontana, encased in a hard-to-find but beautiful house in Playa, is one of the best restaurants in Havana, a position it has enjoyed pretty much since its inception in 1995 (back in Cuba's culinary Stone Age). The secret: the restaurant has progressed with the times, adding space, dishes and multiple quirks like fish ponds and live jazz.

These days there are four separate areas to drink and dine in, each with a different ambience, including a new lounge bar and the ever-popular fern-filled terrace.

Fontana is famed for its barbecue or, more to the point, its full-on charcoal grill. Huge portions of meat and fish are served up so go easy on the starters, which include lobster ceviche, tuna tartar, and beef carpaccio with rocket.