El Rum Rum de la Habana

Top choice seafood in Habana Vieja

Image by Julia Galiano-Rios Lonely Planet

In Cuba, eating establishments are full of rum (the vital ingredient for mojitos) and rum rum (local term for gossip). And gossip we must, because El Rum Rum is the talk of Habana Vieja – an ambitious new restaurant run by a cigar sommelier that pays homage to seafood, Spanish gastronomy, cigars and throat-warming shots of the hard stuff.

The restaurant is split into three areas. A front bar decked out like a Spanish tavern, an artier inner sanctum, and a patio for cigar smokers. A suave, non-obtrusive house band do the rounds of all three. If you're struggling for choices, opt for the paella or the inky black rice with octopus.