Top Choice Cuban in Habana Vieja

Doña Eutimia

Keep it simple. The secret at Doña Eutemia is there is no secret. Just serve decent-sized portions of incredibly tasty Cuban food (the ropa vieja – shredded beef – and minced beef picadillo both deserve mentions) fr…
Top Choice Cuban in Centro Habana

San Cristóbal

At San Cristóbal you can sit down in front of a Catholic/Santería altar flanked by pictures of Maceo and Martí and give thanks for extraordinarily good food. Located in the thick of Centro Habana, the menu and decor…
Top Choice Cuban in Habana Vieja

Paladar Los Mercaderes

This private restaurant in a historic building has to be one of Cuba's most refined paladares for ambience, service and food, both Cuban and international. Follow a staircase strewn with flower petals to a luxurious…
Caribbean in Playa & Marianao

El Aljibe

On paper a humble Palmares restaurant, but in reality a rip-roaring culinary extravaganza, El Aljibe has been delighting both Cuban and foreign diplomats' taste-buds for years. The furore surrounds the gastronomic m…
Caribbean in Playa & Marianao

Dos Gardenias

You can choose from a grill or a pasta restaurant in this complex, which is famous as a bolero hot spot. Stick around to hear the singers belting out ballads later on.
Caribbean in Playa & Marianao

El Tocororo

Once considered (along with El Aljibe) to be one of Havana's finest government-run restaurants, El Tocororo has lost ground to its competitors in recent years and is often criticized for being overpriced. Nonetheles…
Caribbean in Playa & Marianao

La Cecilia

This place presents food good enough to attract the diplomatic crowd (check out the ropa vieja), but trumps all comers with its big-band music, which blasts out on weekend nights inside its large but atmospheric cou…
Caribbean in Playa & Marianao

La Ferminia

Havana gets swanky at this memorable restaurant set in an elegant converted colonial mansion in the leafy neighborhood of Flores. Dine inside in one of a handful of beautifully furnished rooms, or outside on a glori…
Caribbean in Habana Vieja

La Mina

With a mediocre menu, but top-class location, La Mina graces a scenic corner of Plaza de Armas, meaning every tourist in Havana walks past it at some point. Food options – displayed on a streetside stand and backed …
Caribbean in Outer Havana

Las Ruinas

Once celebrated for its architecture (a modernist structure incorporating the ruins of a sugar mill), Las Ruinas is now, like much else in Parque Lenin, a ruin itself, although it still tries to pass itself off as a…