Tourist Information in Vedado

Registro Nacional de Bienes Culturales

When buying art at an official outlet, always ask for a receipt to show Cuban customs. To discourage private trading of works of art, officials often confiscate undocumented artwork at the airport. If for some reaso…
Travel Agency in Vedado


Below Hotel Habana Libre; this agency pulls a lot of weight and finds rooms where others can't, which goes a long way toward explaining its slacker attitude. It also has desks in most of the main hotels.
Medical in Vedado

Centro Oftalmológico Camilo Cienfuegos

Head straight here if you have eye problems; it also has an excellent pharmacy.
Post in Vedado

Post Office

Has many services, including a bank and a Cadeca. Also has a DHL.
Bank in Vedado


Inside the Hotel Meliá Cohiba; quick service.
Bank in Vedado


Cadeca is the best place for changing money.
Pharmacy in Vedado


Pharmacy located at the Hotel Habana Libre.
Bank in Vedado


Cadeca is your best bet for changing money.
Bank in Vedado

Banco de Crédito y Comercio

Expect lines at this bank.
Bank in Vedado

Banco Metropolitano

Has a 24hr ATM.