Regla & Guanabacoa attractions

Top Choice Church in Regla & Guanabacoa

Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla

As important as it is diminutive, Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de Regla, which sits close to the boat dock in Regla, has a long and colorful history. Inside on the main altar you'll find La Santísima Virgen de Regla.
Museum in Regla & Guanabacoa

Museo Municipal de Guanabacoa

Guanabacoa's main museum, like Regla's, is an important shrine to Santería, though you'll need to see past the rundown facilities and impassive 'guides' to appreciate it. The collection is small but concise; rooms a…
Monument in Regla & Guanabacoa

Estatua de Cristo

This impossible-to-miss statue on a rise on the harbor's eastern side was created by Jilma Madera in 1958. It was promised to President Batista by his wife after the US-backed leader survived an attempt on his life …
Museum in Regla & Guanabacoa

Museo Municipal de Regla

If you've come across to see Regla's church, you should also check out this important museum. Don't be put off by its superficial dinginess – there's some valuable relics inside. Located a few blocks up the main str…
Church in Regla & Guanabacoa

Iglesia de Guanabacoa

This church, in Parque Martí in the center of Guanabacoa, is also known as the Iglesia de Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, and was designed by Lorenzo Camacho and built between 1721 and 1748 with a Moorish-influenced …
Church in Regla & Guanabacoa

Ermita de Potosí

Inexplicably, barely anyone visits this, the oldest church in Cuba still standing in its original perch. The existing structure dates from around 1675 and is a simple mudéjar design with a single belltower and a woo…
Gallery in Regla & Guanabacoa

Galería César Leal

Humble Regla has a small gallery and an art school overseen by noted Cuban artist César Leal (b 1948). It holds regular expositions by the students or – if you're lucky – the artist himself. Alternatively, you can s…
Monument in Regla & Guanabacoa

Colina Lenin

From Regla's boat dock, head straight (south) on Martí past Parque Guaicanamar, and turn left on Albuquerque and right on 24 de Febrero, the road to Guanabacoa. About 1.5km from the ferry you'll see a high metal sta…
Convent in Regla & Guanabacoa

Convento de Santo Domingo

Convento de Santo Domingo is a sadly ruined convent with a handsome but mildewed baroque facade that's usually closed (there are no official hours, but try ringing the bell). It dates from the 1740s when it was buil…
Museum in Regla & Guanabacoa

Museo de Mártires

Effectively an arm of Guanabacoa’s municipal museum, this place is on the road to Regla and displays a scruffy selection of material relevant to the revolution and the locals who fought in it. In a glass case there'…