Shuttle in Guardalavaca


Offers shuttle services between Holguín and Guardalavaca. It leaves from outside Brisas at around 8am, Sol Rio Luna Mares Resort at 9am and Playa Pesquero after 9am. It arrives at Holguín's Parque Calixto García at …
Boat in Guardalavaca

Marina Internacional Puerto de Vita

An international entry port for yachts and boats with 38 berths. There’s a hardware store, restaurant, electricity and customs authorities on-site. There's diving offered, from open water courses (CUC$365) to two-di…
Taxi in Guardalavaca


A Transgaviota taxi from Guardalavaca to Holguín will cost a hefty CUC$40 one way.
Gas Station in Guardalavaca

Servi-Cupet Gas Station

A Servi-Cupet gas station is situated between Guardalavaca and Playa Esmeralda.
Taxi in Guardalavaca


A Cubataxi from Guardalavaca to Holguín will cost a hefty CUC$35 one way.
Boat in Guardalavaca

Boca de Samá

A small marina 9km east of Guardalavaca, run by Cubanacan.
Car Rental in Guardalavaca


Car rental in Guardalavaca.