Train in Guantánamo

Train Station

The train station, several blocks north of Parque Martí, has one departure for Havana (CUC$32, 19 hours) every third day via Camagüey, Ciego de Ávila, Santa Clara and Matanzas. Purchase tickets in the morning of the…
Airline in Guantánamo


Cubana flies five times a week (CUC$124 one way, 2½ hours) from Havana to Mariana Grajales Airport. There are no international flights to this airport.
Gas Station in Guantánamo

Oro Negro Gas Station

The Oro Negro gas station is another option to fill up on gas before the 150km trek east to Baracoa.
Car Rental in Guantánamo


Cubacar has an office in Hotel Guantánamo.
Bus in Guantánamo


Buses to Baracoa and Santiago de Cuba.
Taxi in Guantánamo