Top ChoicePark in Guantánamo

Zoológico de Piedras

Surreal even by Cuban standards, the Zoológico de Piedras is an animal sculpture park set amid thick foliage in the grounds of a mountain coffee farm, 20km northeast of Guantánamo. Carved quite literally out of...

Top ChoiceLive Music in Guantánamo

Tumba Francesa Pompadour

Tumba Francesa Pompadour

One of only three Tumba Francesa societies left in Cuba, this house specializes in a unique form of Haitian-style dancing. Programs include mi tumba baile (dance) on Tuesdays, encuentro tradicional (traditional...

Top ChoiceCaribbean in Guantánamo

Sabor Melián

With a discreet entrance on a busy avenue, this locals' favorite features good service and quality Caribbean chow. Go face-to-face with the whole fried snapper – under crisp skin the meat is incredibly moist....

Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa del Changüí

As primary pulpit for Guantánamo's indigenous music, this is the place to experience changüí and is a shrine to its main exponent, local timbalero (percussionist) Elio Revé. There's a small Sala de Historia...

Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa Sandunga (ARTex)

Housed in a royal blue building on a quiet street, this spot for variety shows and humor is openly referred to as 'the place.'

Museum in Guantánamo

Palacio Salcines

Local architect Leticio Salcines (1888–1973) left a number of impressive works around Guantánamo, including his personal residence built in 1916, a lavish monument said to be the building most representative of...

Square in Guantánamo

Parque Martí

Anchored by the tiny Parroquia de Santa Catalina de Riccis from 1863, the renovated Parque Martí features information boards and a clutch of interesting shops, restaurants and entertainment nooks strung along...

Caribbean in Guantánamo

Restaurante Girasoles

A nude statue rather than a girasol (sunflower) marks the entrance to what is, by process of elimination, one of Guantánamo's best restaurants. Behind the Hotel Guantánamo, Girasoles serves up (albeit at a...

Fiesta in Guantánamo

Noches Guantanameras

Saturday night is reserved for this local coming together, when Calle Pedro A Pérez closes to traffic and stalls are set up in the street: come and enjoy whole roast pig, belting music and copious amounts of rum.

Music in Guantánamo

Festival Nacional de Changüí

A celebration of changüí music, a regional style considered a predecessor of son montuno and modern salsa that employs African rhythms and Spanish guitar.

Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa del Son

A new venue for old music, this casa shares lovingly restored digs with the Casa del Changüí in Calle Serafin Sánchez, the city's boisterous 'music street.'

Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa de la Trova

It's hard not to love this scene: a traditional music house with old men in Panama hats dancing athletically.

Burgers in Guantánamo

Bar-Restaurante Olimpia

A celebration of Guantánamo's remarkable Olympic Games performances, this bar-restaurant displays baseball shirts, athletics memorabilia and the boxing vest of three-time Olympic gold medalist Félix Savón (a...

Square in Guantánamo

Plaza Mariana Grajales

The huge, bombastic Monument to the Heroes, glorifying the Brigada Fronteriza 'that defends the forward trench of socialism on this continent,' dominates Plaza Mariana Grajales, 1km northwest of the train station...

Cuban in Guantánamo

Restaurante 1870

The plush setting is grand and befitting of Guantánamo's colonial heyday, and the prices are more than reasonable for good food; however, the service leaves much to be desired and tends toward needless...

Library in Guantánamo

Biblioteca Policarpo Pineda Rustán

An architectural gift from Leticio Salcines is this beautiful provincial library that was once the city hall (1934–51). Trials for Fulgencio Batista's thugs were held here in 1959, and a number were killed when...

Bar in Guantánamo

La Ruina

This shell of a ruined colonial building has 9m ceilings, and there are plenty of benches to prop you up after you've downed your nth beer. There's a popular karaoke scene for those with reality-TV ambitions. The...

Museum in Guantánamo

Museo Provincial

Housed in an old jail guarded by two cannons, the city museum has salas (rooms) dedicated to aboriginal culture, local nature, weapons (lots of Mambí swords) and decorative arts.

Cinema in Guantánamo

Cine Huambo

Revamped cinema in the heart of the Parque Martí action. Mainly in Spanish; a few films in English with Spanish subtitles.