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Tumba Francesa Pompadour

One of only three Tumba Francesa societies left in Cuba, this house, situated four blocks east of the train station, specializes in a unique form of Haitian-style dancing. Programs include mi tumba baile (dance) on …
Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa de Changüí

As primary pulpit for Guantánamo's indigenous music, this is the place to experience changüí and is a shrine to its main exponent, local timbalero (percussionist) Elio Revé. There's a small Sala de Historia museum o…
Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa Sandunga (ARTex)

Housed in a royal-blue building on a quiet street, this spot for variety shows and humor is openly referred to as 'the place.'
Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa del Son

A new venue for old music, this casa shares lovingly restored digs with the Casa de Changüí in Calle Serafin Sánchez, the city's boisterous 'music street.'
Live Music in Guantánamo

Casa de la Trova

It's hard not to love this scene: a traditional music house with old men in Panama hats casting aside their arthritis to dance athletically.
Cinema in Guantánamo

Cine Huambo

Revamped cinema in the heart of the Parque Martí action. Mainly in Spanish; a few films in English with Spanish subtitles.
Spectator Sport in Guantánamo

Estadio Van Troi

Baseball games are played from October to April at this stadium in Reparto San Justo, 1.5km south of the Servi-Cupet gas station. Despite a strong sporting tradition, Guantánamo – nicknamed Los Indios – are perennia…