Top Choice Cuban in Baracoa

Restaurante Las Terrazas Casa Nilson

Up above his house on a spectacular two-level terrace decorated in quirky Afro-Caribbean style, owner Nilson serves some of the best authentic Baracoan food in town, and hence Cuba. You can't miss with wonderfully r…
Top Choice Caribbean in Guantánamo

Sabor Melián

With a discreet entrance on a busy avenue, this locals' favorite features good service and quality Caribbean chow. Don't fear going face-to-face with the whole fried snapper – under crisp skin the meat is incredibly…
Top Choice Cuban in Baracoa

El Buen Sabor

Served on a spotless and breezy upstairs terrace, meals come with salad, soup and side included. You can expect the best of Baracoan cuisine at this private restaurant, including swordfish in a coconut sauce, bacán …
Top Choice Caribbean in Baracoa

Restaurante la Punta

Cooled by Atlantic breezes (and the occasional full-on gale), the Gaviota-run La Punta aims to impress with well-prepared, garnished food in the lovely historical surrounds of the La Punta fort. Go on a Saturday nig…
Cuban in Guantánamo

Restaurante 1870

If not for this place opposite Parque Martí, Guantánamo's colonial heyday would go unnoticed. Climb a sweeping marble staircase to the plush balcony-bar gazing down on the main eating area. Prices are more than reas…
Caribbean in Guantánamo

Restaurante Girasoles

A nude statue rather than a girasol (sunflower) marks the entrance to what is, by process of elimination, one of Guantánamo's best restaurants. Behind the Hotel Guantánamo, Girasoles serves up (albeit at a snail's p…
Cuban in Northwest of Baracoa

Rancho Toa

A Palmares restaurant reached via a right-hand turnoff just before the Toa bridge. You can organize boat or kayak trips here and watch acrobatic Baracoans scale cocotero (coconut palms). A traditional Cuban feast of…
Burgers in Guantánamo

Bar-Restaurante Olimpia

A celebration of Guantánamo's remarkable Olympic Games performances, this bar-restaurant displays baseball shirts, athletics memorabilia and the boxing vest of three-time Olympic gold medalist Félix Savón (a local b…
Fast Food in Baracoa

Cafetería el Parque

The favored meeting place of just about everyone in town, you're bound to end up at this open terrace at some point, if only to crack open a Bucanero beer and tune into the wi-fi.
Seafood in Boca de Yumurí

Restaurant Tato

On delightful little Playa Mangalito, this beach-abutting restaurant will prepare you fresh octopus caught in the shallows just yards from your plate.