Guantánamo Province drinking and nightlife

Bar in Guantánamo

La Ruina

This shell of a ruined colonial building has 9m ceilings and there are plenty of benches to prop you up after you've downed your nth beer. There's a popular karaoke scene for those with reality-TV ambitions. The bar…
Club in Guantánamo

Casa de las Promociones Musicales 'La Guantanamera'

Another well-maintained concert-orientated venue, with Thursday rap peñas (performances) and Sunday trova (traditional poetic singing) matinees.
Club in Baracoa

El Ranchón

Atop a long flight of stairs at the western end of Coroneles Galano, popular El Ranchón mixes an exhilarating hilltop setting with taped disco and salsa music and legions of resident jinteras (female touts). Watch y…