Top Choice Landmark in Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra

Comandancia de la Plata

Topping a crenellated mountain ridge amid thick cloud forest, this pioneering camp was established by Fidel Castro in 1958 after a year on the run in the Sierra Maestra. Well camouflaged and remote, the rebel HQ was…
Top Choice Square in Bayamo

Plaza de la Revolución

One of Cuba's leafiest squares, Bayamo's central meeting point is surrounded by pedestrian-only streets, making it a rare and peaceful spot. Despite its friendly airs and secondary role as the city's best outdoor mu…
Top Choice Village in Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra

Santo Domingo

This tiny village nestles in a deep green valley beside the deliciously clean Río Yara. Communally it provides a wonderful slice of peaceful Cuban campesino life that has carried on pretty much unchanged since Fidel…
Top Choice Museum in Bayamo

Casa Natal de Carlos Manuel de Céspedes

Birthplace of the 'father of the motherland,' this museum is where Céspedes was born (on April 18, 1819) and spent his first 12 years. Inside, Céspedes memorabilia is complemented by a collection of period furniture…
Top Choice Museum in Manzanillo

Museo Histórico la Demajagua

Ten kilometers south of Manzanillo is the moving sight of the sugar estate of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes, whose outcry, known as 'Grito de Yara', and the subsequent freeing of his slaves on October 10, 1868, marked t…
Historic Site in Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma

Alegría de Pío

Considered hallowed revolutionary ground, this is the spot where Castro's shipwrecked rebels were intercepted by Batista's army in 1956 and forced to split up and flee. It's also the official finishing point for the…
Park in Manzanillo

Parque Céspedes

Manzanillo's central square is notable for its priceless glorieta (gazebo/bandstand), an imitation of the Patio de los Leones in Spain's Alhambra, where Moorish mosaics, a scalloped cupola and arabesque columns set …
Park in Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma

Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma

Mixing unique environmental diversity with heavy historical significance, the Parque Nacional Desembarco del Granma consists of 275 sq km of teeming forests, peculiar karst topography and uplifted marine terraces. I…
National Park in Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra

Gran Parque Nacional Sierra Maestra

Guides are required to travel within the park.
Gardens in Bayamo

Jardín Botánico de Cupaynicu

For a floral appreciation of Bayamo's evergreen hinterland, head to this botanic garden about 16km outside the city off the Guisa road. It's on very few itineraries, so you can have the serene, serendipitous 104 hec…