Top things to do in Gibara

Top Choice Parrilla in Gibara

La Cueva

Gibara's eating scene becomes imaginative with this private place that grows its own herbs to garnish those grilled meats. It even has a small farm. There's a ranchón-style part and a more formal restaurant area abo…
Top Choice Film in Gibara

Festival Internacional de Cine Pobre

Open to independent filmmakers of limited means, this festival in Gibara takes place in April. Despite limited advertising, it attracts up to US$100,000 in prize money.
Beach in Gibara

Playa Caletones

A lovely little beach 17km west of Gibara. The apostrophe-shaped stretch of white sand and azure sea here is a favorite of Holguín vacationers. The town is ramshackle, with no services except a rustic restaurant. As…
Cultural Center in Gibara

Siglo XX

A fine cultural center in the main square that hosts live traditional music on a Saturday night and provides the taped stuff at other times. The courtyard is a good place to chill with an icy refresco on a hot after…
Cave in Gibara

Caverna de Panaderos

This complex cave system with 19 galleries and a lengthy underground trail is close to town at the top end of Calle Independencia. Guides are required as there are no installations or signs here. Go with a qualified…
Museum in Gibara

El Cañonazo

There's nothing else quite like this in Cuba. Known as the patriot, Miguel Flores has a quirky collection of homemade satire memorabilia featuring the Pope, Obama, 1950s movie stars and others. He is even considerin…
Seafood in Gibara

La Perla del Norte

For above average seafood fare, this 2nd-story restaurant is a godsend. Go for the crab, camarones enchilados (shrimp in garlicky-tomato sauce), tasty fried rice and crisp plantain chips. There's a bit of outdoor se…
Beach in Gibara

Playa Blanca

Located across the bay, this small sandy beach begs for bathers. From the Gibara dock, take a local lancha (open boat ferry; CUC$2) across the Bahía de Gibara to Juan Antonio, from where it's 400m on to Playa Blanca…
Cinema in Gibara

Cine Jiba

Cuba's improbable poor person's film festival hosts most of its cutting-edge movies (some in English) in this small but quirky cinema covered with distinctive art-house movie posters. If you're going to go to the ci…
Square in Gibara

Parque Calixto García

A central plaza lined with weird robles africanos, African oaks with large pods. The Statue of Liberty in front commemorates the Spanish-Cuban-American War.