Top Choice Parrilla in Gibara

La Cueva

Gibara's eating scene becomes imaginative with this private place that grows its own herbs to garnish those grilled meats. It even has a small farm. There's a ranchón-style part and a more formal restaurant area abo…
Seafood in Gibara

La Perla del Norte

For above average seafood fare, this 2nd-story restaurant is a godsend. Go for the crab, camarones enchilados (shrimp in garlicky-tomato sauce), tasty fried rice and crisp plantain chips. There's a bit of outdoor se…
Seafood in Gibara

La Casa de Los Amigos

Both casa and private restaurant, this place has an amazing interior patio with frescoes, a gazebo and hand-painted Gibara doors. It rents rooms, but the dining is more notable – a profusion of local fish dishes wit…
Fast Food in Gibara

Restaurante el Mirador

Perched high above town near El Cuartelón, this place has a view to die for but not much in the way of good food. Come for a drink.