Top things to do in El Cobre

Church in El Cobre

Basílica de Nuestra Señora del Cobre

Stunning as it materializes above the village of El Cobre, Cuba's most revered religious site shimmers against the verdant hills behind. Recently renovated – along with many other of Cuba's churches – the church's i…
Religious in El Cobre

Ceremonia a las Cimarrones

As part of Santiago's Fiesta del Caribe, there's a Santería religious service at the Monumento al Cimarrón.
Monument in El Cobre

Monumento al Cimarrón

A 10-minute hike up a stone staircase brings you to this anthropomorphic sculpture commemorating the 17th-century copper-mine slave revolt. It's now the location of one of Cuba's most important Santería gatherings i…