Top things to do

Top Choice Seafood in Cienfuegos

Paladar Aché

One of only two surviving private restaurants from the austere 1990s, Aché has taken on the young new opposition and is still abreast of the pack. Interesting décor includes caged birds, the seven dwarfs re-created …
Top Choice Live Music in Cienfuegos

Patio de ARTex

A highly recommendable and positively heaving patio in Punta Gorda where you can catch son (Cuba's popular music), salsa, trova (traditional music) and a touch of Benny Moré nostalgia live in the evenings as you min…
Top Choice Cemetery in Cienfuegos

Cementerio la Reina

A listed national monument, the city's oldest cemetery was founded in 1837, and is lined with the graves of Spanish soldiers who died in the Wars of Independence. La Reina is the only cemetery in Cuba where bodies a…
Top Choice Museum in Cienfuegos

Museo Provincial

The main attraction on the south side of Parque José Martí, this dignified museum proffers a microcosm of Cienfuegos' history. The frilly furnishings of refined 19th-century French-Cuban society form the majority of…
Top Choice Theater in Cienfuegos

Teatro Tomás Terry

Sharing French and Italian influences, this theater on the northern side of Parque José Martí is grand from the outside (look for the gold-leafed mosaics on the front facade), but even grander within. Built between …
Top Choice Seafood in Cienfuegos

Finca del Mar

Any coastal city in the world would wish for a beautiful seafood restaurant like this, where a review can't cover nearly enough of the things it excels at. But let's try: setting, service, generosity, lobster, wine,…
International in Cienfuegos

1869 Restaurant

One of Cienfuegos' most upmarket city-center dining experiences can be found in this elegant restaurant in La Unión hotel. Although the food doesn't quite match the lush furnishings, a varied international menu make…
Bakery in Cienfuegos

Doña Neli

Provides breakfast goodies (pastries, bread, cakes) in convertibles.
Bar in Cienfuegos

Bar Terrazas

Re-create the dignified days of old with a mojito upstairs at the Hotel la Unión; live music starts at 10pm.
Live Music in Cienfuegos

Café Cantante Benny Moré

This is where you might get some suave Benny tunes, especially after hours. A tatty restaurant by day, this place blacks out the blemishes in the evenings when it mixes up mean cocktails and tunes into live traditio…