Top Choice Seafood in Cienfuegos

Paladar Aché

One of only two surviving private restaurants from the austere 1990s, Aché has taken on the young new opposition and is still abreast of the pack. Interesting decor includes caged birds, the seven dwarfs re-created …
Seafood in Cienfuegos

Club Cienfuegos

When in Cienfuegos, it's practically obligatory to go to Club Cienfuegos, if not for the food (it's state-run) then for the wedding-cake architecture, sunset views and bygone yacht-club ambience.
Seafood in Cienfuegos

Finca del Mar

A fine restaurant by any yardstick in terms of service and food – seafood, including lobster and octopus, is the specialty – but with its pricey dishes and abundance of tourists, this might not be everyone's Cuban d…
Seafood in Cienfuegos

Palacio de Valle

The food doesn't have as many decorative flourishes as the eclectic architecture, but the setting is so unique it would be a shame to miss it. Seafood dominates the menu downstairs; if you aren't enthralled, use the…