Top Choice Cemetery in Cienfuegos

Cementerio la Reina

A listed national monument, the city's oldest cemetery was founded in 1837, and is lined with the graves of Spanish soldiers who died in the Wars of Independence. La Reina is the only cemetery in Cuba where bodies a…
Top Choice Museum in Cienfuegos

Museo Provincial

The main attraction on the south side of Parque José Martí, this dignified museum proffers a microcosm of Cienfuegos' history. The frilly furnishings of refined 19th-century French-Cuban society form the majority of…
Top Choice Theater in Cienfuegos

Teatro Tomás Terry

Sharing French and Italian influences, this theater on the northern side of Parque José Martí is grand from the outside (look for the gold-leafed mosaics on the front facade), but even grander within. Built between …
Park in Cienfuegos

Centro Recreativo la Punta

Lovers come to watch the sunset amid sea-framed greenery at the gazebo on the extreme southern tip of this park. The bar is also oddly popular with local police officers.
Historic Building in Cienfuegos

Casa de la Cultura Benjamin Duarte

On the western side of Parque Martí, this is the former Palacio de Ferrer (1918), a riveting neoclassical building with Italian marble floors and – most noticeably – a rooftop cupola equipped with a wrought-iron sta…
Church in Cienfuegos

Catedral de la Purísima Concepción Church

Opposite the park, the cathedral dates from 1869 and is distinguished by its wonderful French stained-glass windows. Chinese writing discovered on columns during the ongoing restoration is thought to date from the 1…
Waterfront in Cienfuegos


Keep heading south on Paseo del Prado and the street becomes the Malecón as it cuts alongside one of the world's finest natural bays, offering exquisite vistas. Like all sea drives (Havana's being the archetype), th…
Museum in Cienfuegos

Museo Histórico Naval Nacional

Across the railway tracks five blocks northwest of Parque Martí is the eye-catching location of this rose-pink museum, dating from 1933. It's housed in the former headquarters of the Distrito Naval del Sur, and appr…
Cemetery in Cienfuegos

Necrópolis Tomás Acea

One of two national-monument-listed resting places in Cienfuegos, the Acea is classed as a 'garden cemetery' and is entered through a huge neoclassical pavilion (1926) flanked by 64 Doric columns modeled on the Part…
Historic Building in Cienfuegos

Palacio de Valle

The ultimate in kitsch comes near the end of Calle 37 when, with a sharp intake of breath, you'll stumble upon the Arabian Nights–like Palacio de Valle. Built in 1917 by Acisclo del Valle Blanco, a Spaniard from Ast…