Cienfuegos Province entertainment

Top Choice Live Music in Cienfuegos

Patio de ARTex – El Cubanismo

A highly recommendable and positively heaving patio in Punta Gorda where you can catch son (Cuba's popular music), salsa, trova (traditional music) and a touch of Benny Moré nostalgia live in the evenings as you min…
Live Music in Cienfuegos

Teatro Tomás Terry

Best theater in Cuba? The Tomás Terry is certainly a contender. The building is worth a visit in its own right, but you'll really get to appreciate this architectural showpiece if you come for a concert or play; the…
Live Music in Cienfuegos

Jardines de Uneac

Uneac's a good bet in any Cuban city for live music in laid-back environs. Here it's quite possibly Cienfuegos' best venue, with an outdoor patio hosting Afro-Cuban peñas (musical performances), trova and top local …
Live Music in Cienfuegos

Café Cantante Benny Moré

This is where you might get some suave Benny tunes, especially after hours. A tatty restaurant by day, this place blacks out the blemishes in the evenings when it mixes up mean cocktails and tunes into live traditio…
Live Performance in Cienfuegos

Centro Cultural de las Artes Benny Moré

A new state-run cultural center with a bar and dancing space within. A noticeboard out front displays what's showing on any given night, though it's mostly traditional music. Tuesdays at 5pm are a weekly homage to B…
Cabaret in Cienfuegos

Cabaret Guanaroca

Don't be deceived by the cabaret moniker, the Guanaroca in Hotel Jagua was only operating as a twice-weekly disco at last visit. Still, it provides a relatively unintimidating first foray into the world of Cuban dan…
Spectator Sport in Cienfuegos

Estadio 5 de Septiembre

From October to April, the provincial baseball team – nicknamed Los Elefantes – plays matches here. Its best-ever national series finish was fourth in 1979.
Cinema in Cienfuegos

Cine-Teatro Luisa

The most modern of the city's three cinemas.