Train Station in Morón

Train Station

Glorious architecture; terrible facilities – sadly the train these days is only for extreme stalwarts thanks to the poor state of the rolling stock. Trains chug ponderously to Ciego de Ávila (CUC$1; one hour), Camag…
Airport in Cayo Coco

Aeropuerto Internacional Jardines del Rey

Opened in 2001, Cayo Coco’s Airport has a modern 3000m-runway facility that can process 1.2 million visitors annually. Weekly flights arrive here from Canada, the UK, the US, France, Argentina and more.
Car Rental in Ciego de Ávila


Rex can help with vehicle rental for anything between CUC$50 and CUC$125 per day depending on make and time-period. It also rents out mopeds for CUC$26 a day
Bus in Morón

Bus Station

Next to the train station.
Bus in Ciego de Ávila

Bus Station

Has daily Víazul ( services.
Car Rental in Cayo Coco


Has a desk in most of the Cayo Coco hotels.
Car Rental in Morón


Cubacar rents cars and mopeds.
Train Station in Ciego de Ávila

Train Station

Gas Station in Morón

Servi-Cupet Gas Station

Gas Station in Ciego de Ávila

Carretera a Morón Gas Station