Cayerías del Norte attractions

Historic Site in Cayerías del Norte

San Pascual

One of the area's oldest and oddest curiosities is the San Pascual, a San Diego tanker built in 1920 that got wrecked in 1933 on the far side of Cayo Francés, just west of Cayo las Brujas. Later the ship was used to…
Nature Reserve in Cayerías del Norte

Refugio de Fauna Cayo Santa María

You can forge your own way into what's left of Cayo Santa María's natural habitat in this fauna refuge. The gate (sometimes unmanned) with various signage is at a bend in the main road just after the Hotel Cayo Sant…
Beach in Cayerías del Norte

Playa Las Gaviotas

One of the few public beaches left on Cayo Santa María not connected to a resort, Playa Las Gaviotas is located inside a nature reserve at the far east of the island. Pay your entry fee in the car park and follow a …