Top things to do in Cárdenas

Top Choice Museum in Cárdenas

Museo Oscar María de Rojas

Cuba's second-oldest museum (after the Museo Bacardí in Santiago) offers a selection of weird artifacts, including a strangulation chair from 1830, a face mask of Napoleon, the tail of Antonio Maceo's horse, Cuba's …
Top Choice Cuban in Cárdenas

Don Qko

Don Qko is one of those well-executed but defiantly local private restaurants peculiar to Cuba's provincial towns (Cárdenas and Matanzas excel in them) which isn't specifically aimed at netting tourist money. As a r…
Museum in Cárdenas

Museo de Batalla de Ideas

The newest of Cárdenas' three museums offers a well-designed and organized overview of the history of US–Cuban relations, replete with sophisticated graphics. Inspired by the case of Elián González, a boy from Cárde…
Museum in Cárdenas

Museo Casa Natal de José Antonio Echeverría

This museum has a macabre historical collection including the original garrote used to execute Narciso López by strangulation in 1851. Objects relating to the 19th-century independence wars are downstairs, while the…
Cafe in Cárdenas

Studio 55

Soak up the industrial-chic vibe and order great burgers at this rather trendy spot on the main square, which is good for well-executed fast food ordered from menus designed like DVD cases. A great addition to Cárde…
International in Cárdenas

Restaurant Don Ramón

Overlooking Parque Echeverría, the lovely Don Ramón woos you with its old-style colonial charm. For a varied sit-down meal, there's nowhere better in Cárdenas. Elect for the filet mignon and choose something off the…
Factory in Cárdenas

Arechabala Rum Factory

To the northwest of the center of Cárdenas, in the industrial zone, is this famous rum factory founded by Spanish immigrant José Arechabala in 1878. Arechabala concocted Havana Club, Cuba's second most iconic rum (a…
Church in Cárdenas

Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción

Parque Colón is the city's other interesting square, five blocks north of Parque Echeverría. Here stands the main ecclesiastical building of Cárdenas. Built in 1846, it's noted for its stained glass and purportedly …
Monument in Cárdenas

Flagpole Monument

No, not just any old flagpole. Follow Av Céspedes past Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción to its northern end and you will see this flagpole is attached to a monument and commemorates the first raising of the Cuba…
Cultural Center in Cárdenas

Casa de la Cultura

Housed in a beautiful but faded colonial building with stained glass and an interior patio with rockers. Search the handwritten advertising posters for rap peñas (performances), theater and literature events.