Camagüey restaurants

Top Choice European in Camagüey

Casa Austria

Locals line up for strudel and decadent cakes at this Austrian-run cafe. After so much comida criolla (creole food), travelers embrace the international menu featuring chicken cordon bleu, schnitzel and garbanzos st…
Top Choice International in Camagüey

El Paso

Finally, a private restaurant with all-day hours, plus a funky interior and an enviable Plaza del Carmen location. There's flavorful ropa vieja (spiced shredded beef), heaping bowls of arroz con pollo a la chorrilla…
Market in Camagüey

Mercado Agropecuario Hatibonico

Located alongside the fetid Río Hatibonico, this is a classic example of a Cuban market where government (lower quality, but cheaper price) and private (vice versa) produce is sold side by side. Chew on peso sandwic…
Cafe in Camagüey

Café Ciudad

Camagüey has made Agramonte-like efforts to carve culinary quality into its historical inheritance. This lovely plaza-hugging colonial cafe melds grandiosity with great service, emulating anything in Havana Vieja. T…
Cuban in Camagüey

Restaurante Carmen

With a Siberian chill thanks to hyperactive air-conditioning, this popular restaurant on the pedestrian stretch of Maceo brims with locals at midday. Most come for the cheap lunch specials – get yours early because …
Italian in Camagüey

Restaurante la Isabella

This hip restaurant was opened during a visit by delegates from Gibara's iconic film festival, Festival Internacional del Cine Pobre, in 2008. Blending Italian food (pizza, lasagna, fettuccine) with a maverick movie…
Cuban in Camagüey

Mesón del Príncipe

Elegant restaurant that offers an affordable fine-dining experience in a typically refined Camagüeyan residence. It is places like this that have put Camagüey at the cutting edge of Cuba's new culinary revolution – …
Caribbean in Camagüey

Restaurante de los Tres Reyes

A handsome, state-run place set in beautiful colonial digs on Plaza San Juan de Dios that sells mainly chicken dishes. Ruminate on Camagüey life by one of the giant iron-grilled windows out front or enjoy greater pr…
Cafe in Camagüey

Café Cubanitas

Just off Plaza de los Trabajadores, Cubanitas is alfresco and lively. And it really does stay open all hours, offering cold beer and 3am ropa vieja (shredded beef and vegetables in a tomato salsa).
Ice Cream in Camagüey

Cremería 1514

Prize for the oddest installation in this lakeside park, Cremería 1514 serves up ice cream in the fuselage of an old Soviet plane – a 1960s Antonov A26.