Internet in Camagüey

Etecsa Telepunto

Camagüey is light on wi-fi, so grab one of the dozen terminals here. Visitors can buy a scratch card for wi-fi.
Medical in Playa Santa Lucía

Clínica Internacional de Santa Lucía

A well-equipped Cubanacán clinic for emergencies and medical issues. There’s also a pharmacy here.
Medical in Camagüey

Policlínico Integral Rodolfo Ramirez Esquival

North of the level crossing from the Hotel Plaza; it will treat foreigners in an emergency.
Information in Camagüey


Very helpful information office hidden in a gallery near Casablanca cinema.
Tourist Information in Camagüey


The best place for information in the city center.
Tourist Information in Camagüey


Can book hotels in Playa Santa Lucía.
Bank in Playa Santa Lucía


In the Mar Verde shopping center.
Hospital in Camagüey

Policlínico José Martí

A centrally located hospital.
Immigration in Camagüey

Immigration Office

For visa extensions.
Exchange in Camagüey


Money changing.