Refugio de Fauna Silvestre Río Máximo

These little known and hard to reach wetlands sit between the Ríos Máximo and Cagüey on the northern coast of Camagüey Province. There are flamingos, migratory water fowl, American crocodiles and a healthy population of West Indian manatees. It has been protected since 1998 as a refugio de fauna silvestre (wildlife refuge) and, more recently, as a Ramsar Convention Site.

Yet the Río Máximo delta faces a precarious future due to human and agricultural contamination coupled with occasional droughts. Once the largest flamingo nesting ground in the world, the population has been largely depleted due to contamination.

The area is roadless and hard to reach, but trips in can sometimes be organized via Ecotur or Camaguax Tours in Camagüey.