Camagüey Province attractions

Top Choice Square in Camagüey

Plaza del Carmen

Around 600m west of the frenzy of República sits another sublimely beautiful square, one less-visited than the central plazas. It's backed on the eastern side by the masterful Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Carmen, o…
Top Choice Gallery in Camagüey

Casa de Arte Jover

Camagüey is home to two of Cuba's most creative and prodigious contemporary painters, Joel Jover and his wife Ileana Sánchez. Their magnificent home in Plaza Agramonte functions as a gallery and piece of art in its …
Top Choice Museum in Camagüey

Museo Provincial Ignacio Agramonte

Named (like half of Camagüey) after the exalted local War of Independence hero, this cavernous museum, just north of the train station, is in a Spanish cavalry barracks dating from 1848. There's some impressive artw…
Top Choice Gallery in Camagüey

Martha Jiménez Pérez

In Cuba's ceramics capital, the studio-gallery of Martha Jiménez Pérez shows the work of one of Cuba's greatest living artists. See everything from pots to paintings being produced here. The studio overlooks Pérez' …
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Camagüey Province

Reserva Ecológica Limones Tuabaquey

One of Cuba’s newest reserves, these heavily wooded uplands occupy the Sierra de Cubitas in northern Camagüey province. The star attraction is Cuba's most important indigenous art: pre-Columbian cave paintings at Cu…
Ranch in Sierra del Chorrillo

Hacienda la Belén

Nestled in grassy uplands, this handsome country ranch was built by a Peruvian architect during WWII. It is now run as a nature reserve by Ecotur. It's one of the best places in Cuba to view rare bird species such a…
Museum in Camagüey

Museo Casa Natal de Ignacio Agramonte

The birthplace of independence hero Ignacio Agramonte (1841–73), the cattle rancher who led the Camagüey area's revolt against Spain. The house – an elegant colonial building in its own right – tells of the oft-over…
Gallery in Camagüey

Estudio-Galería Jover

The working studio of Joel Jover, a noted Cuban artist with exhibits in New York, Vienna and Italy. By comparison, his works here are a bargain (though still not pocket change). Multimedia works and paintings deal w…
Square in Camagüey

Plaza San Juan de Dios

Looking more Mexican than Cuban (Mexico was capital of New Spain so the colonial architecture was often superior), Plaza San Juan de Dios is Camagüey's most picturesque and beautifully preserved corner. Its eastern …
Square in Camagüey

Parque Ignacio Agramonte

Camagüey's most dazzling square in the heart of the city invites relaxation with rings of marble benches and an equestrian statue (c 1950) of Camagüey's precocious War of Independence hero, Agramonte.