Top things to do in Boca de Guamá

Lake in Boca de Guamá

Laguna del Tesoro

This lake is 5km east of Boca de Guamá via the Canal de la Laguna, accessible only by boat. On the far (east) side of the 92-sq-km body of water is a tourist resort named Villa Guamá, built to resemble a Taíno villa…
Arts & Crafts in Boca de Guamá

Taller de Cerámica

Attractive ceramic bracelets are sold at the Taller de Cerámica, where you can see five kilns in operation.
Crocodile Farm in Boca de Guamá

Criadero de Cocodrilos

On your right as you come into Boca de Guamá from the Autopista, the Criadero de Cocodrilos is a highly successful crocodile-breeding facility run by the Ministerio de la Industria Pesquera. Two species of crocodile…
Cuban in Boca de Guamá

Restaurante la Boca

Basic restaurant at the boat dock for Villa Guamá, frequented by swarms of tourists bussed in from Varadero.
Bar in Boca de Guamá

Bar la Rionda

Bar by the boat dock for Villa Villa Guamá.