Top Choice Caribbean in Bayamo

Restaurante San Salvador de Bayamo

This splendid colonial place has been a candidate for Bayamo's best restaurant since opening in 2012. Get serenaded by violinists as you taste food that, thanks to the knowledgeable owner, plumbs way deeper than the…
Caribbean in Bayamo

La Bodega

The front opens out onto Bayamo's main square; the rear terrace overlooks Río Bayamo and is fringed by a bucolic backdrop that will leave you wondering if you've been transported to an isolated country villa. Try th…
Spanish in Bayamo

La Sevillana

Come and see Cuban chefs attempt Spanish cuisine – paella and garbanzos (chickpeas). This is a new kind of peso restaurant, with a dress code (no shorts), a doorman in a suit, and a reservations policy. Press your t…
Cuban in Bayamo

El Polinesio

The Polinesio has been around for years, ever since the days when private restaurants could only seat 12 people and serve pork and chicken. These days the menu's expanded to include more adventurous seafood and a sp…
Supermarket in Bayamo

Mercado Cabalgata

This store on the main pedestrian street sells basic groceries.
International in Bayamo

Restaurante Plaza

Bayamo's finest hotel (the Royalton) also hosts one of its best restaurants; nothing legendary mind you, but with an excellent setting including options to sit outside overlooking one of Cuba's most pleasant squares…
Fast Food in Bayamo

Cuadro Gastronómica de Luz Vázquez

Along this short lane are parked at least a dozen clean-looking food carts selling bayamés street snacks in Cuban pesos. Bank on hot dogs, croquettes, ice cream, sardines and empanadas.
Bakery in Bayamo

El Siglo

Fresh warm cakes sold in pesos.
Market in Bayamo

Mercado Agropecuario

The vegetable market is in front of the train station. There are many peso food stalls along here also.