Zagreb’s Contemporary Art Galleries

Zagreb’s palpable creative energy is driven by a host of young ambitious artists and curators. The city has a variety of places where you can catch home-grown art. If you want to discover new art trends in Croatia, check out Galerija Greta, Galerija SC, Galerija Nova, Lauba, Galerija Miroslav Kraljević and the Croatian Association of Artists. Note that many of these shut their doors in August so check before you head there.

Don't Miss: Hunting Down Zagreb's Street Art

Keep your eyes peeled as you're strolling around Zagreb and you'll discover that the city's art scene doesn't end in its galleries. Hunt down the murals that have covered – and drastically cheered up – drab concrete and brick walls and brought a shot of vibrant, fun colour to the streets. Some of our favourite street art pieces:

Xenophora These mammoth photo-realistic shells, by Lonac, decorate the brick wall of the building on the corner of Ɖorđićeva and Petrinjska.

City Waterfall Keep walking down Petrinjska to find this highly detailed B&W waterfall. It's the work of Miron Milić.

Gulliver In the park at the top of Opatovina you'll see this 30m-long mural of a sleeping Gulliver being tied up by the Lilliputians. It's a collaborative work by Boris Bare and Dominik Vuković.

Croatian Inventors Boris Bare and Dominik Vuković are also the artists behind these two murals celebrating the work of electricity pioneer Nikola Tesla and the inventor of the mechanical pencil, Slavoljub Penkala. They're painted across the walls of the staircase terrace which provides a short cut from Strossmayerovo to Katarinin trg.

Fakin These rockabilly chickens, commissioned by the Medvedgrad Brewery for the northern wall of their Pivnica Mali Medo, are a collaborative project by Bare and Modul (Boris Bare and Miroslav Petković Modul).

Open My Eyes That I May See If you head out to the Museum of Contemporary Art, don't miss this 90m-long montage-style mural by OKO which is painted along the west wall.

Medika Diving & Technicolour Dream To hunt down two of Zagreb's best pieces of street art, head south on Savska from Rooseveltov Trg, past the Westin Hotel and the DM department store directly to its south. Straight after DM, turn right into the small garden. Here you'll find Lonac's Medika Diving portraying a diver in vibrant yellow and green tones and incorporating the wall's chimney pipe as the snorkel for a 3D effect. On the opposite wall is Technicolour Dream, a collaboration between Lonac and Chez 186 that depicts a sleeping blue-hued girl.