Zagreb's restaurants are big on traditional Croatian and Italian cuisine but you'll also find plenty of bistro cookery utilising the fresh produce from Dolac Market. For cheap eats, bakeries, snack bars and fast-food joints cluster in the city centre. Many restaurants close in August for their summer holiday, which lasts anywhere from two weeks to a month.

Zagreb Goes Vegie

Traditionally a carnivore-pleasing place, Zagreb has never been the greatest destination for vegetarians and vegans. In recent years, though, quite a number of the city restaurants have expanded their vegetarian menu options, so you shouldn't struggle to find a meal. There's also a handful of dining options catering specifically for a vegetarian and vegan clientele – though be prepared for salt as your sole seasoning as the spice rack is sorely missing.

For vegetarian meals our prime pick is Curry Bowl, which has a vegetarian option for all of its flavoursome curries. Mali Bar has a good range of nonmeat options. For pure vegetarian and vegan food head to Zrno or Green Point.