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Museum of Broken Relationships

Explore mementoes that remain after a relationship ends at Zagreb's quirkiest museum. The innovative exhibit toured the world until it settled here in its permanent home (it recently opened a second location in Holl…
Museum in Zagreb

Archaeological Museum

The artefacts housed here stem from prehistoric times onwards. Among the most interesting are the Vučedolska golubica (Vučedol Dove), a 4000-year-old ceramic censer found near the town of Vukovar – the ‘bird’ has si…
Gallery in Zagreb

Art Pavilion

The yellow Art Pavilion presents changing exhibitions of contemporary art. Constructed in 1897 in stunning art-nouveau style, the pavilion is the only space in Zagreb that was specifically designed to host large exh…
Museum in Zagreb

Arts & Crafts Museum

Built between 1882 and 1892, this museum exhibits furniture, textiles, metal, ceramic and glass ranging from the Middle Ages to today. You can see Gothic and baroque sculptures from northern Croatia, as well as pain…
Museum in Zagreb

City Museum

Since 1907, the 17th-century Convent of St Claire has housed this historical museum, which presents the history of Zagreb through documents, artwork and crafts, as well as interactive exhibits that fascinate kids. L…
Gallery in Zagreb

Gallery of Modern Art

Take in this glorious display of Croatian artists from the last 200 years, including such 19th- and 20th-century masters as Bukovac, Mihanović and Račić. It’s a fine overview of the nation's vibrant arts scene.
Museum in Zagreb

Ethnographic Museum

The ethnographic heritage of Croatia is catalogued in this museum housed in a domed 1903 building. Out of 70,000 items, about 2750 are on display, including ceramics, jewellery, musical instruments, tools, weapons a…
Museum in Zagreb

Croatian Natural History Museum

This museum houses a collection of prehistoric tools and bones excavated from the Krapina cave, as well as exhibits showing the evolution of animal and plant life in Croatia. Temporary exhibits often focus on specif…
Gallery in Zagreb

Meštrović Atelier

Croatia’s most recognised artist is Ivan Meštrović. This 17th-century building is his former home, where he worked and lived from 1922 to 1942; the excellent collection it houses has some 100 sculptures, drawings, l…
Museum in Zagreb

Croatian Museum of Naïve Art

If you like Croatia’s naive art – a form that was highly fashionable locally and worldwide during the 1960s and 1970s and has declined somewhat since – this small museum will be a feast. It houses around 1900 painti…