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Samobor, a town with a population of about 15,000 and with a long-standing excursion and tourist tradition. It is situated 20 km from Zagreb, on the slopes of the Samobor hills. The town is a gem of Baroque architecture, and is the most popular excursion destination for Zagreb residents, who pay visits to enjoy its charm, natural beauty, museums, restaurants and excursion sites. From 1809 to 1813, this was the seat of Napoleon’s Illyrian province. Many excellent old recipes date back to this period, including today’s famed Samobor specialities, muštarda and bermet. Another delicacy that is not to be missed is the Samobor kremšnita. Optional:  - lunch - cave visit
KREMŠNITAAlthough dessert usually comes last, switch things up in Samobor and immediately upon arrival taste the kremšnita, the symbol of Samobor, and a famous gastro souvenir. This dessert, which can be found in heart of town, is made with simple ingredients, but after a complex preparation (which is still a secret today), people often wait in line to get one, after which, as a reward, it melts in your mouth.BERMET AND MUŠTARDAThe influence of the French who lived in this city during Napoleon's reign is still tasted in the food today. The Bermet aperitif, which is prepared from red wine, tropical fruit, and herbs, will thrill those with a refined taste, while true gourmets will enrich boiled and roasted meat with Muštarda, a type of mustard made of mustard seeds, must and spicies.ANINDOL AND THE PROMENADES AROUND THE MAIN SQUAREThe Anindol Forest Park, located just above the town, has always been a favourite excursion site for the people of Samobor and their guests, nature fans, and true romantics, who can enjoy a majestic view of Zagreb, Medvednica (Zagreb's mountain range), and the surrounding area from here. It is also a pleasant experience to walk down the picturesque town paths along the meandering and bubbling Gradna stream.TRADITIONAL CRAFTS: CRYSTAL, GINGERBREAD, LICITARSWhile walking through the centre of town, you will notice the long tradition of Samobor's craftspeople. Hand-cut crystal and making unique crystal objects has been tradition here for more than 170 years. The creation of licitars, colorfully embellished gingerbread cookies, most often in the shape of hearts, has also been tradition here for nearly just as long. Today, the people of Samobor are just as adept at making ceramic licitar hearts that they then paint and personalize.

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