Music in Varaždin

Varaždin Baroque Evenings

Varaždin is famous for its baroque music festival, Varaždin Baroque Evenings, which takes place over two weeks each September. Local and international orchestras play in the cathedral, churches and theatres around t…
Cultural in Varaždin


In late August the eclectic Špancirfest enlivens the town’s parks, streets and squares with world music, street performances, theatre, creative workshops, traditional crafts and contemporary arts.
Film in Zagorje

Tabor Film Festival

Veliki Tabor Castle hosts the Tabor Film Festival in June or July, an extravaganza of international short films with screenings in the castle as well as several locations in nearby Kumrovec.
Film in Varaždin

Trash Film Fest

The annual Trash Film Fest is an extravaganza of low-budget action flicks screened at different locations around town, over two to four days in mid-September.
Music in Krapina

Festival of Kajkavian Songs

At the beginning of September, the annual Festival of Kajkavian Songs features folkloric performances, poetry readings and traditional Zagorje food.
Religious in Marija Bistrica

Velika Gospa

To witness a display of serious religious devotion, visit on 15 August for this popular Christian pilgrimage.