Top things to do in Vukovar

Top Choice Museum in Vukovar

Vučedol Culture Museum

Located 5km downriver from Vukovar, this museum sits on one of Europe's most significant archaeological sites and provides an introduction to the most important ancient culture you're likely to have never heard of. …
Museum in Vukovar

Castle Eltz

Closed for several years following the war, the 18th-century Eltz Palace reopened in 2014 as this brilliant museum. Head up the stairs to the 1st floor for a whirlwind tour of Slavonian history, from mammoth fossils…
Museum in Vukovar

Place of Memory: Vukovar Hospital 1991

This multimedia museum recounts the tragic events that took place in the hospital during the 1991 siege. The stirring tour takes you through a series of sandbag-protected corridors, with video projections of war foo…
Memorial in Vukovar

Ovčara Memorial

Around 6km out of town, en route to Ilok, there’s a turn-off to the Ovčara Memorial, another 4km down the road. This is the hangar where 194 victims from Vukovar's hospital were beaten and tortured after the town's …
Croatian in Vukovar

Stari Toranj

This local joint ain't going to win any 'pretty dish' awards with massive plates of grilled seafood and meats and thick chips piled so high they're nearly toppling off the plate, but you won't leave hungry. There's …
Slavonian in Vukovar

Dunavska Golubica

Vukovar's fanciest choice for a meal is this pleasant restaurant by the riverside. It has an excellent reputation for Slavonian specialities and does a tasty boneless fiš paprikaš and venison goulash. There's live m…
Beach in Vukovar


Head out to this sandy island in the Danube, where on a summer weekend you'll find lots of locals swimming, lounging on the beaches and hanging out at the cafe. Free boats depart from the restaurant Vrške.
Slavonian in Vukovar


The food is nothing to write home about here but the pretty riverside setting at this long-standing restaurant steals the show.
Film in Vukovar

Vukovar Film Festival

The annual Vukovar Film Festival in late August shows features, documentaries and shorts, mainly from Danubian countries.