Top things to do in Vodnjan

Church in Vodnjan

St Blaise’s Church

This handsome neobaroque church was completed in 1800 but commenced 40 years earlier, when Venice was still the style-setter for Istria. With its 63m-high bell tower modelled on St Mark’s in Venice, it’s the largest…
Istrian in Vodnjan


This excellent regional restaurant offers personable service and delicious food in several rustic rooms. Specialities include fuži (homemade egg pasta) topped with truffles, steak with porcini and truffles, and vari…
Food in Vodnjan


Drop in to this olive-oil producer to stock up on the top-notch product (knock on the door and try your luck in winter), or phone ahead to arrange a tour (from 85KN). Options include a 45-minute tour and oil tasting…
Food in Vodnjan


Unlike Vodnjan's many back-door operations, Brist sells its range of five excellent extra virgin olive oils from a cute little shop on the main street. Pop in for a tasting and to arrange a tour of the olive grove w…
Food in Vodnjan


Operating out of an ordinary-looking house on the outskirts of town, Cadenela sells top-quality extra virgin olive oils from the family orchard. Call ahead in winter, or to arrange a private tour of the olive grove.